Coming to COP26 Glasgow

Glasgow made the Clyde and the Clyde made Glasgow. The industrial revolution started in the United Kingdom and Glasgow was right at the heart and spark of the revolt.

Glasgow's influence on industry and commerce are still being felt today. It is perhaps fitting that the COP26 conference should come to the city at such a vital time.

But Glasgow didn't just change the River Clyde it changed the whole world. How did this relatively small, rural,17th century Burgh rise in 100 years to become the second city of the British Empire? What set of circumstances and coincidences came together to create this marvel of the industrial revolution.

The answer is not obvious. It came from America and the Tobacco trade. The city became the world centre for the tobacco trade and with that the world's first ever millionaires were created.

This fantastic wealth allowed other trades and a background of commerce to boom. The city we see today although created in medieval times has a history rich in every type of exploitation. The city has now come full circle. Very little of the industrial revolution remains almost as much as the medieval history. Plans are afoot to help the salmon come back. This fish, part of Glasgow's Coat of arms is now being assisted to return to it's spawning area in the upper reaches of the Clyde long closed by industry.

So there's a lot to see and a bit of detective work to piece the revolution together. Come to Glasgow, Enjoy it's history.

People Make Glasgow

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