Getting Wet in Glasgow

Despite this rather wet month (February) guests are still joining us on our ever popular walks around Glasgow City Centre. Yes we've had a few really wet days but as always come prepared. There's no such thing as bad weather merely bad clothing.

Some Tips:

Good weatherproof shoes, standard trainers are no good. Good walking shoes/boots are generally much cheaper than a pair of £200 sneakers. Thick socks, preferably wool.

Layers, A T-shirt, Shirt/blouse, Jumper (wool), then a final waterproof layer. These are so cheap with multi layer waterproofs coming in a £30 or less.

A hat, a woolen tea cosy, Beanie whatever. Again these can be waterproof and so cheap. I wear a "bunnet" not a baseball cap.

Gloves, ski type are great woolen are ok but will get wet.

Trousers waterproof over jeans/trousers and tights or thermals. Jeans or woolen trousers on their own are pretty useless. Jeans in particular on their own are really rubbish.

Dont bother with an umbrella, it will blow out and just become a nuisance.

So that's it dead easy not expensive and you will really enjoy the walk.

As you can see with this little group not really all properly togged up.

The weather dry and sunny. so we had no dramas.

But too many jeans, not enough hats, most had good jackets, few had good shoes, one hat two with gloves. We survived but on a wet day we would have had to cut short!

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