Searching for Outlander scenes

I'm trying to work my way through the most iconic of the Outlander scenes. It's trickier than you would imagine as with modern cinemaphotography there are lots of tricks used.

So a visit to Drummossie Moor, Culloden Battlefield site on a very wintry day was the order of the day. It was probably on a day like this in April 1746 that the Prince's Army and the Royalist forces clashed. Apart from the canons, bullets, swords and bayonets the weather was a huge challenge.

So here it was the memorial stone to Clan Fraser. Out on the left flank of the attack and up to their thighs in bog this was no lightning dash to the enemy lines. Wading through heather and marsh swamp and getting scythed down by enemy grape shot.

Very sad and moving moment.

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