Were Slaves Executed Here?

It's a long held belief by some that slaves surplus to requirements were executed just off the old tobacco market. On a recent tour one of the older Glasgow worthies pulled me up with:

" have you told them about the executions?"

Well of course I had to start and really research the statement before adding this horific story to my tour.

I'm afraid, despite the ruthless nature of the trade and the relentless pursuit of profit by the barons that the tale does not hold water.

Yes, Glasgow's tobacco trade pivoted on the use of slavery but very few slaves made the journey back to the UK. There are a few paintings and stories of house slaves being paraded by the wealthy aristocracy back in the UK but these were a rarity. There are numerous paintings, often now painted over of Aristocratic families displaying their "Blackamore" alongside dogs and children. Included in these I noted one at Althorpe House, the ancestral home of the Spencers and Princess Diana.

But i'm afraid no evidence whatsoever of executions in Glasgow.

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